Getting A New Title From A Gifted Vehicle From A Deceased Person: What To Do

If you were gifted a car when you were old enough to drive but you were never given the title in person, and the person who gave you the car years ago is no longer living, getting a title will take a little bit of work. You have to prove ownership of the vehicle and have documentation that the vehicle is yours. Here is some of the information you will need to get started.

3 Things About Auto Insurance Every Driver Should Know Before Purchasing A Policy

Auto insurance policies may seem awash in confusing jargon and small print, but it pays — literally and figuratively — to know policy basics before shopping around. If you don't, you risk ending up with coverage that is inadequate, overpriced, or both. Take a look below to learn more about some of the most important things every driver should know about auto insurance policies. Premium Amounts Aren't Random  The monthly or annual premium amount you see when you request a quote is far from random.

4 Things A Great Car Insurance Agent Does For You

Do you have a car insurance agent? If not, you'll need to find one if you need auto insurance coverage. As you search for an agent, you'll need to look for one that possesses certain qualities. But what are these qualities? The best way to understand what to look for is by learning the top four things a great car insurance agent does for you. So here are the top four.

Landscapers Should Carry These 5 Insurance Policies

Landscapers often deal wit other people and their property in ways that create liability exposure. Consequently, landscaping insurance coverage is critical. Which landscaping insurance policies should you carry, though? You ought to consider these 5 policies.  General Liability This is always an important policy for all public-facing businesses, but it's a particularly big deal for landscaping firms. General liability covers third-party injuries. If one of your crew members is mowing grass and the mower launches a rock at a passerby, you could be liable for the victim's medical bills.